They have wronged a lot of people

Read the reviews on Yelp,, and other sites. Avoid the fake ones!

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They are unlicensed

That means that they have not been licensed by the State of Michigan to do building work (painting). They are operating without a license. If you submit a complaint to Michigan LARA (Licensing and Regulatory Affairs). They will tell you that the business is unlicensed, and they will forward on to the Attorney General office of Consumer Complaints.

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They are jerks

Wait until they get your deposit. No-shows, using different names, won't return calls

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Lets Look at How They Work!

  1. They post fake addresses. Their site, lists 1111 Lansing Avenue, Lansing, MI. That's Fake! Their address with the Better Business Bureau is 1111 Holt Rd
    Holt, MI. That's Fake! Their corporate address  shows as 6532 Sommerset Rd. Lansing, MI. Good luck finding them there. They keep getting kicked off Google Maps since they can't seem to give a real address. If you are looking for the owners, their address is 2020 Coolridge Rd, Holt, MI. It's only fair, since they have your info if you ever asked them for a quote.
  2. Check out the reviews on Yelp and They are terrible. On a regular basis Mutt & Jeff are screwing people over, and acting as if they are above the law. They thought they were clever posting fake reviews on Yelp. Check out Yelp now, they have posted warning about fake positive reviews. Check out the BBB site. Skip past the 5 fake reviews done on the same day and read the real ones.
  3. Read the contract. Check what these idiots put in their contract: "Customer agrees not to portray Mutt and Jeff Painting in any negative way by mouth or via internet etc or will be subject to fines at Mutt and Jeff Painting LLC discretion". Seriously? Don't worry, it is not valid and can not be upheld. That is just another manner they try to use to intimidate customers.
  4. Due to all the lawsuits and bad reviews, Jordan Keep-Sparks started ALBA'S PRO CLEANING. Why start another company when you can't even operate your current one?


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