What should you do if they took your money?

File a complaint with LARA

LARA is the the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Be sure to file it HERE.  Sending an email to: bpl-complaints@michigan.gov works also. Don't be shocked if they are familiar with Mutt & Jeff Painting.

File a complaint with the Attorney General Office

File a complaint with the Michigan Attorney General. Since they are unlicensed, your complaint will be forwarded there by LARA. Still file a complaint anyway on your own. The place for this is:miag@mi.gov

Let people know on Facebook, Yelp, BB.org, etc.

The more people find out about the way they do business, the less likely they are to use Mutt & Jeff.

Sue Them!

They won't work with you and give you your money back. We know, and so do a lot of unfortunate people. Take them to small claims court. That is what a growing number of people are doing.